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Rozvrh 5.6

Дата обновления в архиве: 2008-10-06
Скачать ZIP: (после скачивания ZIP-архива, его необходимо разархивировать любым архиватором, для извлечения из него JAD и JAR файлов)
Скачать JAD: Rozvrh.jad
Скачать JAR: Rozvrh.jar
Автор: Milan Laslop
Оффициальный сайт:

Application to note the timetable. You can note your marks (in all forms, for example 1, 1/2, 1+,2-) and notes for each subject. The application supports adding a date to each mark or note and a description to marks and it automatically calculates the average of marks. It has a feature to add informations about holidays (they are automatically arranged by date and the duration and the count of days to the beginning of holidays are automatically calculated. You can add description to each lesson in the timetable or set up the time for each lesson (application works with this setting when it shows the time to the end of lesson or pause). In the settings you can choose, which lessons and days you want to see in the timetable. It supports different timetable for two weeks. To see more lessons on the display, you can set up changing of rows and columns or rotate the timetable. The row height, column width and font size can be set up, too. All informations stored in the application can be saved to a file and opened, it is possible to open a file from the web, too. Informations can be exported to a TXT file and the application supports fast deleting of each type of data. Detailed statistics can be generated from your data.


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